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Dollar Store Bathroom Drawer Makeover

This week I decided to tackle a simple project that I have been meaning to do since we moved into our house – organizing the bathroom drawers. It only took nine months, but I finally got around to it.

When I want to organize something, I don’t want to spend a fortune. In fact, I usually try to spend as little as possible. There are so many other things that I would rather spend my money on. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for bargains on new storage items as well as clever ways to re-purpose items I already have. Today I am going to show you how I organized our master bathroom drawers for only $7.99!

For this project I used Con-Tact Paper which I got at Target for $4.99 as well as six storage baskets from Dollar Tree which were only $1 for two baskets! They do carry various sizes of these baskets, but they only had the one size in stock when I stopped by, so that’s all I used. I also used a few drawer organizers and two baskets that I already had, but if you needed to you could always pick up more baskets from Dollar Tree.

This is what the drawers on my side looked like when I started. You can see I had a few drawer organizers already in there, but obviously they were not working very well for me. I wish I could tell you exactly where I got these from, but I’ve had them for so long that I don’t remember. Honestly they probably came from Dollar Tree as well.

And here’s Robby’s side. Not quite as cluttered, but still needs some work.

Step One – Purge

The first step was to clear out all the drawers and throw stuff away. It was amazing how much junk we had in there that just needed to be thrown out, like empty bottles of shampoo or old toothbrushes.

Step Two – Line the Drawers

Next, I began lining the drawers with Con-Tact drawer liners. To do this, I just measured the length and width of the drawers and cut the liner to size. This part was really easy, and it’s totally okay if it’s not perfect. Once you put all your stuff back in the drawers, you’ll barely see the liners anyway. As long as it’s protecting the bottom of the drawer, you’re good. I do highly recommend lining your bathroom drawers, especially if you have a lot of makeup/beauty products like me. I already found one stain inside one of the drawers that could have easily been prevented if I had done this sooner.

Step Three – Organize

Once you have all your drawers lined, decide how you want the drawers to be organized. On my side, I decided to put my everyday makeup/skincare products in the top drawer, hair brushes and extra unopened beauty products in the second drawer, and all of my hair tools in the third drawer.  In the second drawer I also used a couple extra makeup bags that I had to store miscellaneous/sample size items.

For Robby’s side, I put his everyday items in the top drawer (which ended up being much emptier than mine), extra unopened shampoo and his travel items in the second drawer, and all of our medicine/first aid products in the third drawer. Much better!

Underneath the sink on my side was also a mess, so I decided to take care of that as well.

I had just enough Con-Tact liner leftover to line the bottom of that. Then I neatly organized all of my hair products and makeup wipes into the basket on the left. I also used the small basket on the right to store all of my nail polish. I already had both of these so I didn’t have to spend anything on that, but Dollar Tree also sells some larger baskets that would be perfect for this kind of storage.

This was definitely a quick, easy, and cheap project. I love little projects like this that make life so much easier. Now I can find what I need in the morning without having to dig through a bunch of stuff, and I don’t have to worry about products spilling and ruining the drawers.

Does your bathroom need some decluttering? This would be the perfect project to tackle this weekend. Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

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