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How to Add Warmth to Your Home After the Holidays

How to Add Warmth to Your Home After the Holidays + Decorating After Christmas |

As I took my Christmas decorations down this year, I couldn’t help but feel the disappointment setting in. All those weeks of baking and decorating and shopping and watching Christmas Vacation on repeat, had come to an abrupt end. Those things that brought me so much excitement just a few days ago now brought me sadness. It’s the post-Christmas letdown, and I’m sure most of us know it all too well.

Once the family goes home and the decorations come down, the magic of the holiday season quickly fades away. Our homes suddenly seem too quiet, too dull, too ordinary. We miss the warmth of being together with family, feasting, laughing, and celebrating.

I always dread putting everything away for this reason. But there are a few ways we can bring that warmth back into our home even after the holidays are over. Keep reading to find out how you can continue to embrace this time of the year, even as you transition back into reality.

Have Company

Even if you’re enjoying some peace and quiet after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, things can start to feel a little lonely. Bring that sense of community and togetherness back into your home by having friends over for dinner, inviting the neighbor in for coffee, or planning a family game night. You don’t need a special reason to get together. Continue filling your home with warm memories long after the holidays have come and gone.

Decorate Meaningfully

Now that the tree has come down and the Christmas decorations are back in storage (or maybe not just yet), the house can feel a little empty. It might feel like something is missing. So what do we do with those empty spaces where cute Christmas villages and twinkling lights used to be? One of the best ways to replace them is with cherished items that still bring us that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Think about what you already have that may be in storage or tucked away somewhere. Maybe a gift that a friend gave to you, a picture your nephew drew, a framed photo of a loved one, or an object that belonged to someone important to you? If you don’t have anything like this, keep it in mind when shopping or even consider making something. Here are a few ideas to get you started –

How to Add Warmth to Your Home After the Holidays + Decorating After Christmas |

This little shelf in my kitchen is full of items that belonged to my grandmother, or Mema as we called her. I bought the sign because it’s something she always used to say, and whenever I hear these words or look at this sign, I think of her.

My cousin gave me the framed recipe in my mema’s handwriting. It’s one of my favorite decorations because it is so meaningful. This could easily be made if you have something in a loved one’s handwriting.

And finally, the teapot on the bottom belonged to her. I always thought it was so pretty and now I love having it on display in my home.

Keep it Cozy

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean winter is. In fact, the coldest days have yet to come. It’s a better time than ever to embrace the season by making your house as cozy as possible. Leave a warm throw blanket in every room, light a fire, stock up on hot beverages, light candles, cook a comforting meal, and wear your favorite pair of comfy pajamas and slippers. We can’t stop winter from happening, but we can at least make the most of it.

Plan Something to Look Forward To

One of the hardest parts after the holidays is getting back into the routine of everyday life. It’s hard to let go of the celebrations, the indulging, the time off from work, and the overall joy of the holiday season. Normal life can seem so dull and dreary afterward. All those weeks of planning and excitement are suddenly over. Be kind to yourself during the transition, and give yourself something to look forward to. It could be simply having your favorite meal for dinner, or planning a movie night with your spouse. Whether it’s big or small, plan something you’ll be excited to come home to each day.

Transition to Winter Decor

Just because the Christmas decorations are coming down doesn’t mean we can’t decorate for the rest of the season. Winter decor can be really beautiful on it’s own without revolving around a Christmas theme. So as you start putting everything away, it may ease some of the pain knowing that not everything has to be boxed up just yet. Things like greenery, pine cones, mercury glass, birch wood, twigs, candles, etc. are all perfect examples of winter decor that can be left up long after Christmas. Instead of feeling sad about the Christmas decor coming down, look at it as an opportunity to give your home a beautiful new winter makeover!

I hope you find this helpful as you transition back into reality. I know how mundane this time of the year can feel at first, but as we learn to find more joy in the little things, we can hold on to that warm feeling of the holidays all year long.

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What are some other ways you cope with the post-Christmas blues? Let us know in the comments below!

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    January 4, 2018

    I feel so sad that the Holidays are over too! I love Christmas with my family, now it’s back to the same ol’ routine.

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      Leah Stark

      January 5, 2018

      I know how you feel! It was so hard getting back into routine this week!

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