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DIY Picture Frame Tray

DIY Picture Frame Tray |

Hello everyone! It’s been a busy past few weeks here lately. Between a couple of unexpected trips out of town, trying to build our deck, and simply keeping up with everyday life, it’s safe to say we haven’t had much down time lately. But I did manage to sneak in a simple little DIY that I’m here to share with you today.

Recently I decided to spruce up our guest bedroom a little bit. For the past year our guest bedroom has doubled as our storage room/catch all place for anything that we basically just don’t feel like dealing with right now. Between the stacks of unopened boxes leftover from our move, the clothing donations piling up in the corner, and the old pink and orange comforter from my teenage bedroom, it wasn’t exactly giving off the welcome vibe I was going for.

The good news is, just a few easy and inexpensive changes really made a huge difference. I replaced the pink and orange comforter for a more grown up duvet, tackled most of the boxes I’d been ignoring, and stocked up on a few personal items to keep on the nightstand – a candle, some relaxing pillow mist, and a couple of different lotions. Hopefully these tiny little details will make our guests feel right at home whenever they stay with us.

This brings me to my super easy DIY project – a picture frame tray. I wanted some kind of tray to hold all of the items I bought for the nightstand. I already had some leftover mosaic tile from Home Depot that I needed to do something with, so making a picture frame tray seemed like the perfect project. The cool thing about using a picture frame for a tray is that you have tons of options for size, shape, and style. You can really make it your own!

DIY Picture Frame Tray |


Here is everything you will need for a tile tray –

  • Picture frame
  • Tiles
  • Grout (I picked this grout up at Home Depot for around $5)
  • Stirring stick (for mixing grout)
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Rag/washcloth

I went with this vintage looking frame that I found at Home Goods. The frame options are endless. You could go with a decorative frame like this one or keep it simple. Try looking at a local thrift store as well for super cheap picture frames.

DIY Picture Frame Tray |

As far as tile, your options here are also endless. I would recommend checking out Home Depot or Lowe’s to see what they have. You could even just place a decorative piece of scrapbook paper inside the frame and use that as your tray. Since I already had these mosaic tiles, that’s what I decided to use.

DIY Picture Frame Tray |


Putting this together is very easy. Start by arranging your tiles on top of the glass inside the picture frame. I recommend getting this part all laid out before you start gluing. I actually pulled each tile off of the backing it came on and arranged the pattern myself. Depending on what tile you’re using and the size of your frame, you may have to get creative with how you arrange the tiles so that they all fit. If you have a glass cutter, you can also cut some tiles down to size if needed.

Once you’re happy with the layout, begin gluing the tiles to the glass. A little bit of Gorilla Glue goes a long way. When all the tiles are glued down, set something heavy on top (like a book) and let it dry overnight.

Next comes the grout. Follow the directions on your grout to get it mixed properly, and then begin to spread the grout over your tiles, filling in the gaps between them. Scrape off any excess grout, let it sit for 10 minutes or so, and then use a damp rag to wipe any grout off of the tiles. Let your grout dry for a few hours and see how it looks. If you find there are some spots where you need more grout, just build it up by adding a little more and repeating this process.

DIY Picture Frame Tray |

And that’s all there is to it! You could even add a pretty handle to each side if you wanted to turn it into a serving tray. You can use your tray anywhere – a guest room, a bathroom, next to the kitchen sink, outside on the patio, or anywhere else you can think of.

What do you guys think of this easy DIY project? This is a simple, fast, and cheap project that anyone can do!

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    Diana Met Danny

    July 7, 2017

    Oh my GOSH. This is the most creative and actually doable thing I’ve ever seen. I’m SO trying this. Usually I see DIYs and I’m like “Pretty! But seems complicated!” And the best part about this is I’m moving right next door to a Marshall’s and TJMaxx in about a week!

    Thanks Leah!

    • Reply


      July 10, 2017

      Aww thanks Diana!! It really is SO easy even if you’re not crafty. You should definitely try this out for your new place! I bet you could find some great deals at both stores!

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