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DIY Succulent Centerpiece

DIY Succulent Centerpiece |

Most of my home décor is inspired by nature in some shape or form. I love decorating with natural elements like flowers, leaves, branches, rocks, pine cones, and the list goes on and on. Since our home is surrounded by acres of woods, it’s easy to find inspiration right outside our door.

Last year we got a big farmhouse dining room table, and since then I’ve been struggling to find the perfect centerpiece for it. A big table like that really needs the right centerpiece in my opinion. Finally I decided to get creative and make my own. I’ve really been loving succulents this year (who hasn’t?), and so I thought a beautiful succulent centerpiece would be the perfect addition to our dining room table. If you love natural décor like me, you are going to love this project!

This piece is very versatile. I ended up photographing this centerpiece outside and realized that I also love it on our outdoor dining set. The succulents and river rock just fit perfectly in an outdoor space. So whether you’re looking for a decorative outdoor piece, a new centerpiece for your dining room table, or even something to put on a mantle or a coffee table, this project is perfect!

You can never go wrong with succulents. They are so gorgeous, and the real ones are pretty easy to maintain. For this project, however, I used faux succulents just to make it even easier. While I think they make the perfect summer décor, they also work well for any other season. As we move into Fall, you could easily change up the colors or add some leaves, pumpkins, or other Fall elements to your centerpiece if you choose.

This project was very easy to make. You can have the whole thing put together in less than an hour. So let’s get to it!


-Planter box – I used this whitewashed planter box from Save On Crafts.

-Floral foam

-3 votive candles

-Faux succulents



I bought the succulents from Hobby Lobby. I found that they had the best prices on faux succulents out of all the places I looked. Also make sure to keep an eye out for sales and coupons. They usually have some kind of deal going on. I ended up using these succulent trees, these purple succulents and these green succulents to do the whole centerpiece.

Everything else for the project is from This site was recommended to me when I was planning my wedding and trying to figure out décor/centerpiece ideas. They have great prices and fast shipping on tons of unique craft items.


First, cut your foam down to size so that it fits inside your planter box. As you can see, I have three separate pieces of foam inside my box.

DIY Succulent Centerpiece |

Next, determine the placement for your candles and mark those spots on the foam. I wanted my middle candle a little higher than the two outside ones, so I used a spoon to carve little spots out of the foam for those two candles to sit in. Then I just pressed the candles into the foam until I liked how they were positioned.

DIY Succulent Centerpiece |

Next, add a dab of glue to the bottom of each candle and press it firmly into the foam. I used Gorilla Glue, but you could probably use another type of glue if you want. I just like using Gorilla Glue because I know that it works and it sticks to almost any surface. Remember that a little goes a long way, and the glue will expand once it dries.

Now it’s time to place your succulents. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. I recommend laying out the succulents so you can see how they look before gluing them. I put a green succulent up against each candle and then worked out from there with the mini succulents.

The green succulents had long wire stems attached to them, so I just pressed the wire down into the foam to secure them. For the mini succulents, I had to cut each bloom off of the stem. Then I just applied a little glue to the bottom of each succulent and pressed it into the foam.

Once the succulents were all glued on, I simply filled in all of the gaps with pebbles. You really don’t even need to secure the pebbles down with glue, although you can if you want to make sure they don’t go anywhere. I used about one and a half bags of pebbles for the whole centerpiece.

DIY Succulent Centerpiece |

After I finished this project, I noticed I had a few tiny little spots where I could still see the green foam underneath. This was probably only noticeable to me, but I had some baby’s breath so I decided to stick some in there to fill in those tiny gaps that I couldn’t cover with pebbles. I ended up loving the way it looked. It really added a nice delicate touch to this piece.

DIY Succulent Centerpiece |

It’s as easy as that! This piece is so simple to make and comes together beautifully no matter how you do it. If you’re going for a different look, you can always use this same technique with a different type of flower. To dress it up, add a table runner underneath or spread out some pretty votive candles or garland around it.

DIY Succulent Centerpiece |

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    August 13, 2017

    I love this! I know this is a DIY but you should sell some of this stuff you make. You’re so talented!

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      August 14, 2017

      Thank you so much, Diana! 🙂 you’re too sweet! You never know, maybe one day!

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