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How to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe on Any Budget

How to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe On Any Budget |

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all have had a great week and are having a relaxing Sunday so far. I know many of you have been busy working on your spring cleaning. My post How to Declutter Your Entire House in One Week has quickly become my post popular post so far! I hope it has proven to be as helpful for you as it has for me when tackling that huge chore!

In that post, I broke down the process of decluttering into seven steps, one for each day. Not everyone has the time to devote an entire week to cleaning, so I also mentioned that you could spread it out over a couple of months and work on one step each week if that works better for you. However you chose to do it, I’m sure your home is already starting to feel much more organized!

In that seven day project, we started by working on our wardrobes. I know that this time of the year, many of us (including myself) get the urge not only to deep clean our homes, but also to freshen up our wardrobes, so I thought it would be the perfect time to go into a little more detail about that. If you haven’t started working on my decluttering plan just yet, or if your wardrobe still needs some work, keep reading!

It’s usually around this time each year that I start to feel like my wardrobe just isn’t working for me anymore. I don’t know how this happens, but as soon as the weather starts to get warmer, I start to wonder what the heck I wore this time last year! I know I had plenty of clothes and I know I didn’t get rid of any of them, but suddenly it’s like I can’t find anything to wear.

I think there are a number of reasons why this happens. First of all, styles and tastes are always changing. What you loved last year might not appeal to you anymore this year. Second, you may not have a lot of transitional items that can get you through to the next season as the weather goes back and forth. And finally, you may just be holding on to items that you shouldn’t be. Maybe they don’t fit right, they’re worn out, or you just never wear them. This can give you that feeling of having too many clothes yet nothing to wear.

So you’re ready to give your wardrobe a makeover, but I know you’re not looking to spend a fortune on new clothes either. Don’t worry, I’m here to help! Follow these three easy steps, and you will be able to transform your wardrobe on ANY budget!

Step One – Envision Your Ideal Wardrobe

I’m a planner at heart. I love making lists, and I can’t start a project without a solid planning session first. So naturally, my first step is going to be to plan out your wardrobe.

Take a look at what you already have. Right off the bat, do you notice anything that needs to go? Is there anything in your closet that has kind of become an eyesore? Something that just does not appeal to you whatsoever? If you have anything like that, those things should be the first to go.

When I’m trying to decide whether or not I should keep something, I like to ask myself a few questions. First of all, does the item fit properly? If not, I’m letting it go. Do I like the way I feel when I wear this piece of clothing? And of course, do I still love it? If I saw this piece at the store, would I still buy it? I try really hard to only keep clothing that I love to wear. I really believe that we look and feel better when we love what we’re wearing.

Now that you have an idea what you’re working with, think about how well your current wardrobe works for you, and how you could make it better. What kind of a lifestyle do you live? What is your dress code like at work? What kind of activities/events do you often participate in? Answering those kinds of questions will help you to determine what kind of clothing you need. When I looked through my closet this year, I noticed that I had an abundance of casual t-shirts, leggings, and tank tops. I love these kinds of comfy clothes and all, but I realized I was missing dressier outfits for work, church, etc. Take some time to figure out what’s missing from your closet and what needs to go.

Remember, the goal is to fill your closet only with things that you love and that work for you.

Step Two – Sell What You Can, Donate the Rest

At this point you probably have a pile or two (or ten) of clothing that you no longer want. We’re trying to update our wardrobes as affordably as possible, so we’re going to start by making some money!

If you are in the United States, I highly recommend using the Poshmark app. Currently it’s only available within the United States, but hopefully they will be available internationally in the future! I have sold a bunch of items on there, and it’s incredibly easy. All you have to do is create an account, take clear pictures of your item, describe/price your item, and list it! Make sure that the items you post are clean and in good condition. Poshmark even takes care of the shipping for you. Just print out the prepaid shipping label, package your item in a box, attach the label, and ship it! You can drop it off at the post office or have your mail carrier pick it up at your house during regular mail hours.

You could always sell clothing on local Facebook groups or even have a garage sale as well, but I have found that I am able to make much more for my clothing on Poshmark. If you want, you can use my referral code – UNUXK – to sign up, and we will both get $5 on our accounts. Yay!

Sometimes there will be items that just don’t sell. Keep your items listed for as long as you want and drop your price if necessary. If your items won’t sell, there are still plenty of charities that could use them. I like to use to schedule pickups right at my house. I just bag up the items I don’t want, leave them on my front porch, and they take care of the rest! This makes it super convenient if you can’t find time to drop off your items somewhere.

Step Three – Shop ‘Til You Drop!

So hopefully at this point your closet is cleaned out and you’ve made a little extra spending money. Now comes the fun part – buying new clothes! There are plenty of ways to find great deals on new and used clothing.

Check Resale Stores

In case you haven’t already guessed, I love using Poshmark. Not only do I love it for selling clothes, I also love it for buying them. I have been able to find some amazing deals through Poshmark. Many times people will be selling items that are still brand new with tags, but you can snag them for a much lower price. It’s a great way to find discounts on all of your favorite brands!

Another place I love to look for gently used clothing is the ThredUp website. They are pretty picky about what items they accept, so you know whatever you buy will be in excellent condition. It’s a super easy way to find great deals on tons of popular brands. They include high quality photos and a detailed description of each item. This really makes it feel like you’re shopping on a regular retail website. You can also browse their section called “Basement” for even bigger discounts on items that show signs of wear or are missing a brand label.

Money Saving Apps

When shopping for brand new clothing, make sure to take advantage of any sales, discounts, and coupons you can find. There are a couple of apps I use on a regular basis to help me with this. First, I keep the RetailMeNot app on my phone so I can easily browse for coupons and discounts at my favorite stores while I’m out and about. I also make sure to check Ebates pretty much anytime I go shopping. They offer in-store and online cash back offers at TONS of stores. If you’re going to shop somewhere anyway, you might as well get some cash back!

Know What to Splurge On

I love finding amazing deals, but there are also times when I know when it’s worth it to spend extra money for quality. By all means, look for all the discounts you can, but try not to go so cheap that you end up buying clothing that’s not going to last. One of the ways to ensure that you’ll love your wardrobe through the seasons and even through the years is to purchase more versatile, higher quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Of course you’re going to want to purchase those items that are in style right now, but don’t forget to mix in some simple pieces that will help transition you from season to season. Solid colors, jeans, black leggings, and cardigans are all good examples! With the basics like this, you can always layer & accessorize with more stylish, seasonal pieces.

I hope you find this helpful in getting your wardrobe ready for spring. What other ways do you save money on clothing? If you haven’t already, definitely take some time to check out the apps/websites listed above. I think you are going to love them! Have fun shopping, and let me know how these tips work for you! 🙂

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    April 25, 2017

    Thank you so much for these tips! I was just talking to my husband this weekend about getting some new pieces in my closet. In the past, I’ve always buy clothing pieces because they are cheap but now I just want to buy things that will last me and that I absolutely love! Wish me luck on this journey because I have absolutely no sense of style lol!

    • Reply


      April 25, 2017

      Hey Diana! You are quite welcome! I know how you feel. It’s hard to keep up with all the trends! As long as you feel great in what you’re wearing, that’s really what matters in my opinion. Best of luck on your journey, and thanks for checking out my blog!!

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        April 26, 2017

        I know! I could absolutely cry when I see cute stuff and then I see the price tag…Oh, well! Just another motivation to hustle harder!

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    May 10, 2017

    These are all great ideas! I feel so motivated to clean out my closet.

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      May 16, 2017

      Thank you! It’s definitely a good feeling! 🙂

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