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Pantry Makeover Plans

Pantry Makeover Plans |

Last week, I shared our home improvement plans for 2018. The first project on that list was a pantry makeover, and that’s exactly where I intend to start. I’ve been dreaming about a perfectly organized pantry since the day we moved into our home, and I’m determined to make it happen as soon as possible.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve always longed for a big walk-in pantry with tons of shelving and storage. I didn’t get the walk-in pantry with this house, but I have big plans for the one I have.

I wanted to start with the pantry this year because it’s one of the most used spaces in our home, and I figured giving it a makeover would be a pretty simple and quick job. That is until my husband suggested something more.

When I told him of my plans, a job I was anticipating to be a weekend makeover, he says to me “we could put in some custom cabinets and a counter top in there if you want.” Ummm say what? I swear, sometimes he knows what I want before I even realize it. It’s no wonder why I married this man. My simple wish for an organized pantry suddenly turned into a dream pantry makeover.

So, with all of that being said, this project is going to take up a bit more time and money than I had originally planned. I will have to wait a little bit longer to plan and save for my new pantry, but when your husband basically asks you if you want to design your dream pantry, how do you say no?

Pantry Makeover Plans |

As you can see, we are in need of some serious organization here.

Now that I’m geeking out over pantry storage ideas over here, I decided to share my current plans for it with you. It’s very possible that our plans for this pantry could change as we start pricing things out, but this is where I’m at with it right now. Whenever I start working on a project, my process usually begins with finding inspiration in a photo and then designing a mood board. For this pantry, I was very inspired by this gorgeous kitchen featured on Culture Map Houston. I just love the wallpaper, and the gray cabinets are similar to the ones we have in our kitchen already (it may be hard to tell from the photos, but we have a two toned kitchen – white upper cabinets and gray lowers).

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Pantry Makeover


1. Wallpaper –

I haven’t decided on the wallpaper just yet, but it will probably be something along these lines. This Timour Rose Gold wallpaper* can be found on Amazon.

2. Glass Chalkboard Jars –

These are the Bormioli Rocco storage jars*, which you can find on Amazon. I have also seen these at Bed Bath & Beyond and The Container Store. I already own a couple of these, and they’re really the perfect food storage container. I like the chalkboard labels because you can easily erase the writing if you ever change what’s in the jar. Buying enough food storage jars for an entire pantry can add up quickly, so my plan is to slowly accumulate these. I’ll try to get a few each week and be on the lookout for sales and coupons.

3. Copper Baskets* –

These add such an elegant touch. I’m thinking these will be great for storing things like potatoes, onions, and miscellaneous items. These ones are from Amazon, but I have also seen similar ones at The Container Store.

4. Shelf Brackets –

These iron brackets* won’t take up any storage space, and I think they will contrast nicely against the wallpaper. I’m planning to do stained wood shelves as well. The shelves and brackets together should add a nice rustic touch. I love blending rustic and elegant, which is what my goal is here.

5. Granite Countertop –

The countertop pictured is from Home Depot. It’s the closest I could find to what we already have in our kitchen. Our plan is to try to find a remnant piece so that we can hopefully save some money here.

6. Flowers –

Just to add a touch of color, I’ve added a lavender bouquet*. If I have the space on the counter, I’ll add some faux flowers in a jar or vase for a soft touch of color.

7. Glass Jars –

These Anchor Hocking glass jars* can be found on Amazon as well. I’ve also seen them at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. I’m going with these for storing baking ingredients like flour and sugar. I would have stuck with the Bormioli Rocco jars, but I don’t think they make one big enough to accommodate the amount of flour and sugar I typically have on hand. I really like the look of these ones though, and I think they will mix well with the other jars.

8. Cabinets –

These cabinets are from Home Depot. They’re pretty close in style and color to what we have in the rest of our kitchen. We are going to try to match the pantry cabinets and countertops with the rest of our kitchen as best as we can.

What do you think of these ideas? I’m super anxious to get started on this project! I’ll check in with another update as soon as I can!

Have you ever done a pantry makeover? Share your pictures with us in the comments below!

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