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The Ultimate Self Care Gift Guide

The Ultimate Self Care Gift Guide


Whenever I’m shopping for a gift, I try to think about things that the recipient normally wouldn’t buy for themselves. Usually it ends up being some kind of self care related item. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with this type of gift because a) most of us enjoy them and could definitely benefit from them and b) many people don’t often think to spend money on these kinds of things for themselves. I’m sure you know someone like this – that person who is always on the go, always thinking about others and never stopping to take a moment for themselves. That’s why I decided to create this self care themed gift guide full of meaningful items that focus on health, wellness, and personal care.

Whether it’s the holidays, a birthday, or you just want to say thank you, this gift guide is for that person who could use a little more self care in their life. Maybe it’s a busy mom, a college student, or maybe even yourself! Enjoy!

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ย The Ultimate Self Care Gift Guide |

Yoga Club Box

Yoga Club is an awesome subscription service that sends you a monthly box filled with yoga apparel at a discount. I personally subscribe to Yoga Club, and I have loved all of my boxes so far! They are now offering gift boxes, so you can have a single box sent to someone without signing up for a membership. Perfect for the yogi in your life, or someone who just loves yoga clothes (aka all of us)! If you are interested in signing up for a membership, you can use my referral link* and get 25% off your first box!

Bath Tray

What’s more relaxing than a glass of wine, a bubble bath, and a book? With one of these bath trays*, you can have all three and more. This is perfect for anyone who loves to soak in the tub.


Bath Bombs

No bath is complete without bath bombs*. They make an absolutely gorgeous gift that everyone loves, and they come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and smells. You can find them at many places, although this set on Amazon is a great value!

Apothecary Jars

I love using apothecary jars* for bathroom storage. You can fill one of these with bath bombs, soaps, face masks, or other beauty products for a super easy and thoughtful two-in-one gift.


Essential Oil Diffuser

A good diffuser* is a must-have for anyone who loves essential oils! There are many benefits to diffusing essential oils – it purifies the air, promotes sleep, improves moods, and more!


Pillow Spray

A relaxingย aromatherapy spray* made with essential oils such as lavender and chamomile can help promote sleep and relaxation. It can be used as a pillow spray, a room spray, or just to freshen up linens. There are many different kinds available for purchase, or you can even try making your own custom blend!



The Clarisonic* is a gentle facial cleansing brush that gives you a deeper cleanse than hands alone. This would be a great addition to any beauty routine, and a perfect gift for the skin care enthusiast!


Yoga Mat Spray

Another gift for the yogi in your life – a yoga mat spray*. This set comes with a scented cleaning spray made with organic essential oils as well as a microfiber cloth to wipe down your mat. You can choose whatever type of scent you want – soothing, calming, energizing, uplifting, etc. Not only will it clean your yoga mat, it will leave it smelling great too!

Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat

Any makeup lover will adore this brush cleaning mat!* Sigma has an amazing collection of high quality makeup and brushes, as well as brush care tools such as this cleaning mat. Just lay it flat in your sink and use the different textures to thoroughly clean all of your makeup brushes. I also highly recommend their Sigmagic brush shampoo* – it’s amazing!


Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books* are so much fun and a great way to relax and let your mind wander. Do a quick search on Amazon and you’ll find tons of different coloring book themes from animals to gardens to Harry Potter and everything in between. Don’t forget the colored pencils!*

Soy Candle

You can never go wrong with a scented soy candle. I love how beautiful these Paddywax Urban Collection candles* are. They double as a candle and a piece of decor. If you’re doing a self care themed gift basket, you’ll definitely want to include a candle or two.


Hand Cream

Hand Cream* is an essential this time of the year, and I love these ones from The Body Shop. They work perfectly as a stocking stuffer or as an addition to a gift basket. This set comes with six so you can share with a few friends or stock up for yourself. I like to keep one in my nightstand, in my purse, and at my desk.

Pacifica Body Butter

Body butter* is another self care essential, especially in the winter. I’m recommending Pacifica because I absolutely love their products. They’re one of my favorite brands! They have so many unique beauty products that are all 100% vegan and cruelty free. Plus, everything comes in beautiful packaging, making them all perfect for a gift.

I hope this has given you some gift ideas for everyone on your list. What other self care products do you recommend? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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